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Matrix: Strong

Matrix is among the world’s premier – and fastest growing – commercial fitness brands. Our tagline of Strong. Smart. Beautiful., while catchy, is also quite appropriate. When considering the first word for a moment – Strong. How is it that Matrix shows its strength? What makes Matrix Strong?

The dictionary defines Strong many different ways; robust, resilient, thriving, likely to succeed, distinctive, and intense in impression. At Matrix, we know that leading clubs around the world choose to partner with Matrix because we deliver. We stand by our promise to provide top-notch quality. Our belts last longer, our motors run smoother, and our first-rate customer service consistently exceeds customers’ expectations, ultimately providing member and staff satisfaction and delivering your facility a total cost of ownership that’s among the lowest in the industry.

That’s Matrix Strong – Providing you, our customers, products that stand out and set new industry standards to give you the strength to rise above the competition.

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Krank Express – Small Group Training

Kranking® Express is one of the five ways you can implement the Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix into your facility. Kranking Express is done in a small group setting by utilizing Krankcycles on the main cardio floor – making it visible, extremely accessible, and a fun, effective way to train in just 20 minutes.

Express doesn’t need a studio and can be completed with or without music. With just a few Krankcycles on the floor, you can challenge your members while increasing your bottom line. Using the Krank Express format, Body Business in Austin, TX generated an additional $20,000 in revenue over a six-month period!

During each 20-minute Kranking Express session the upper body goes through thousands of repetitions, translating into improved strength, definition, and weight loss. Many have commented about improved upper body definition without the need for lifting traditional weights.

The Krankcycle is so versatile, it will help retain clients, attract new clients, and increase the overall profitability of any personal training program. Give Kranking Express a try!

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Matrix G7 Rep Counter Service Mode: The Hidden Function

Did you know that the G7 rep counter has a service mode to retrieve total hours of use and cumulative repetitions? In addition to counting reps and activity time for each user, the rep counter can display total hours of use and cumulative repetition when accessed with a common magnet.

The total use and cumulative repetition data can be helpful in determining maintenance schedules and gathering an accurate picture of machine use. By comparing all data, owners can verify the percentages of use per each unit and use it for future purchasing decisions or establishing facility maintenance schedules.

To activate this function, place a magnet just below and to the right of the counter [there is a small dot on the placard]. Once activated, the counter will automatically cycle through the data. For more information, click here.

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Change in Customer Tech Support Hours of Operation

In order to assist our customers more effectively, the Matrix Customer Tech Support Department (CTS) will be expanding its business hours! Starting Monday, May 2nd, 2011 the phones will be open from 7am – 7pm (M-R) and 7am – 5pm (F) with our knowledgeable tech reps standing by ready to assist you.

Matrix CTS can be contacted by phone at 866-693-4863 or by email in your respective territory with any questions or concerns.

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Installation Showcase - Aquaboulevard

Matrix and Aquaboulevard, the largest aquatics fitness center in France (90,000m²), joined into a three-year commercial partnership last September. Aquaboulevard is now offering its 50,000 members 189 new Matrix cardio units, with plans for Matrix strength to be installed in the near future.

Aquaboulevard and Matrix also launched a new studio concept, Matrix Live, which is a special 650m² space outfitted with 50 Krankcycles® and 90 LIVESTRONG® by Matrix indoor cycles. The studio includes three cinema-sized video screens with virtual coaching, rhythmic music, and dramatic lighting for a unique and engaging workout experience.

Michel Corbière, President of Aquaboulevard, says, “We were seduced by the quality and innovative concept of Matrix Live, which brings a dimension of pleasure and performance to group training. The revolutionary Matrix studio helps us fulfill our goal of offering leisure programs and services that cannot be found anywhere else.”

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Virtual Active™ Feature Destination - Italian Alps

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including the Italian Alps, our feature destination for this month.

Virtual Active takes users on a tour of the area around Timmelsjoch; a mountain pass in Italy’s Öztal Alps on the border of Austria. The road to Timmelsjoch was built to accommodate tourists while seamlessly blending into the landscape. Adventurers in the early Bronze Age were attracted to the area due to the prevalence of copper ore. Marble, semi-precious stones, and oil shale have also been found in the area. Timmelsjoch is often referred to as the ‘secret passage’ because it is used less heavily than other mountain passes nearby.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing and new 7xe series Matrix cardio products.

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Mark Your Calendar

SCW Mania Florida | May 13-15 Orlando, FL
Choice Hotels International | May 19-20 Boston, MA
AAHOA | June 15-18 Las Vegas, NV
NAA Convention | June 23-25 Las Vegas, NV
Gold’s Gym | July 17-21 Las Vegas, NV
AYP Dallas | July 20-22 Dallas, TX
SCW Mania Atlanta | July 29-31 Atlanta, GA
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