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Happy Anniversary Matrix! | Krank Circuit | ASG™ - Inspired Touchpoints
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Happy Anniversary Matrix!

Ten years ago in August, the Matrix Fitness brand was created. I was fortunate enough to have been a part of the beginning, brought on as the second employee. Many people in the industry were skeptical of another brand emerging in the already highly competitive market. Those doubters didn’t have the same knowledge I had about Johnson Health Tech, already having 25 years of fitness manufacturing experience, poised for quality, high-volume production. Little did they know the culture and passion the group possessed to become one of the best in the industry.

Matrix got its start in Albuquerque, NM under the original leadership of the late Ken Lucas. Right out of the gate, Matrix made a name for itself with distinctive aesthetics and thoughtful features on our strength line, changing the landscape of facilities across the globe, leading the way equipment would be designed for years to come. I recall often hearing people exclaiming, “Wow” upon seeing us for the first time at Club Industry ‘01. Of course, we knew sustaining substantial growth based on looks alone was difficult, but it was sure nice to have that edge over the other brands. Our strongest advantage would be realized by customers over the years; innovative, premium quality products enabled by Johnson’s vertically-integrated manufacturing system.

In late 2004, Matrix headquarters made the transition to Cottage Grove, WI to be centered near our two sister companies, Vision Fitness and Horizon Fitness. Being in a centralized location provided us the ability to share resources and streamline operations, leading to the beginning of our Customer Advantage Program, highlighted by the industry’s best standard commercial warranty.

In a few short years, Matrix began experiencing triple digit growth and quickly emerged as a brand attracting a lot of attention. We were the 2008 IHRSA Associate Member of the Year, 2009 Gold’s Gym Vendor of the Year, received back-to-back IDEA Awards for the T7xe and G7, along with many other accomplishments. By late 2008, Matrix consolidated with Vision and Horizon to become Johnson Health Tech North America. This strategic move was completed prior to the start of the recession and paved the way for a concentrated focus and an increased investment into new product development. While most other competitors were conserving and decreasing investment into development, Matrix was blazing ahead with new technologies and designs, bolstering its status as a leader in innovation.

The market validated our choice of direction after successful launches of the 7xe series cardio, Virtual Active™ by Matrix, Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix, Myride V3, and G7 series strength, with a 48 percent growth in 2010. We continue to see robust growth again in 2011.

As Matrix celebrates our 10th anniversary, we would like to thank you, our customers. Thank you for your continued support in making Matrix one of the fastest growing commercial fitness brands in the industry. We look forward to continually raising the bar, and setting new standards for years to come.

In Health,


Krank Circuit

Boot camps and circuit classes continue to grow in popularity throughout many commercial fitness facilities. Participants are drawn to these types of training formats because they provide total-body strength and cardiovascular benefits, all in one efficient workout. The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix can infuse new life into traditional circuit training formats with Krank Circuit, one of the many ways the Krankcycle can be integrated into your facility.

When added to a circuit, the Krankcycle is the perfect compliment to other lower body-based activities. It can be used as a strength or cardio station. Or, refresh your circuit format and allow users to perform cardio with their upper body and push their legs further in squats, presses or lunges by alternating upper and lower body stations. Krank Circuit can be offered to a wide range of users, whether they’re obese, sedentary, athletes, active-aging, or current fitness enthusiasts. Be creative and have fun with the many possibilities the Krankcycle can offer your circuit program!

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Action Specific Grips™ Inspired Touchpoints

With the G7 series strength, Matrix has changed the way people think about strength equipment. We challenged people to expect more; with simple and intuitive functionality, convenient user amenities and redefined ergonomics. Any location involving user interaction is one of the most important aspects on any machine. This is why we spent a considerable amount of our energy in the development of our Action Specific Grips™ to reduce stress on contact points and enhance user comfort.

Our team of engineers and designers sought inspiration from several luxury touchpoints – those with the utmost user comfort in mind. We spent months researching stress points, gripping tendencies, and gathering research groups for testing. We began by observing users as they placed their hands on current grips, and developed sketches and prototypes based on the findings to be used for testing with our research group participants.

Our participants varied in age, height and exercise capability to give us the best "real world" results possible. Questions were posed to the participants about their stress points and comfort levels for several different prototypes until we found the grip designs that 100% of the participants deemed free of discomfort. Formed specifically for each exercise motion, the ASGs that passed through research groups were finalized and made ready for production.

Unsatisfied with using off-the-shelf components on a premium strength line, Matrix went the extra mile to ensure ultimate user comfort during workouts. An example of just one of the many innovative features found on G7 series strength and other Matrix products, designed and engineered to provide our customers the best, most comfortable workout possible.

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Spotlight Installation - Virgin Active UK

Matrix is proud to announce that Virgin Active recently installed several Krankcycles in all of their 71 facilities to offer the exciting Kranking® program to members.

Virgin Active Fitness Training Manager, Nick Hudson, comments, “Virgin Active is thrilled to be the first UK health club chain to offer this exciting innovation to our members. Johnny G has been fine tuning the Krankcycle® for over five years and the results are not only stunning but also effective at providing a full upper-body workout. When teamed with traditional spinning, Kranking® will help to give an all over body workout.”

Head of Fitness Experience, Tim Foster, emphasizes the benefits of Krank Fusion classes, “By fusing different exercise programs and styles, participants can achieve results across a combination of muscle groups and areas in a short space of time. In the Krank Fusion class, participants can work out both the upper and lower body effectively in a 20-minute session. Fusion classes and shorter duration, higher intensity workouts are emerging fitness trends and are set to grow in popularity during the second half of this year and into 2012.”

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Virtual Active™ Destination - Grand Teton National Park

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including the Grand Teton National Park, our feature destination for this month.

Grand Teton National Park, at approximately 310,000 acres, is part of the northern Rocky Mountain range. The park was established in 1929 by the U.S. Congress and named after the tallest mountain in the range, Grand Teton, which reaches a height of nearly 14,000 feet. A nearby valley at the base of the Tetons, known as Jackson Hole, is another major tourist attraction throughout the year. An average snowfall of 191 inches provides plenty of powder for snow-skiing enthusiasts. In the summer, hikers can enjoy nearly 200 miles of trails (some of which you can enjoy anywhere in the world with Virtual Active).

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe cardio products and Myride V3.

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Myride V3 - MyScape

Myride V3 – the most powerful, personalized way to experience indoor cycling. With over a million different workout variations and thousands of preset challenges, Myride V3 is designed to meet the needs of every fitness and sporting level.

MyScape allows users to ride through their choice of over 70 inspired scenic landscapes from around the world, on the road or the trail. Users can ride at their own pace through as many courses as they choose, for as long as they choose. For rainy days, when training outside may be more hazardous than enjoyable, users can take the ride inside and train in the comfort of a temperature-controlled environment. MyScape offers users a non-coached alternative to enjoy a workout on their own terms with a beautiful landscape.

Integrate Myride V3 into your facility, and let your members experience the benefits of on demand indoor cycling.

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Mark Your Calendar

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