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Defining Partnerships

Matrix recently hosted a Top 20 Dealer Summit at our headquarters in Cottage Grove, WI. The event was a great success for all involved, but soon after everyone was traveling back to their native soil I began to reflect on the relationships with our dealers and customers; and how we can define these relationships.

When looking at our dealer network and customer base, we like to consider them as partners rather than simply dealers and/or customers. The problem with the term partner is that it seems to be overused in today’s business world, maybe a bit diluted in meaning. So what is a true partnership?

Let’s consider a few characteristics of partnerships:

  1. Both companies have the same vision and agree on strategic direction.
  2. Defined roles and capitalize on the strengths & skills of each partner.
  3. Communicate clearly and often; a strong partnership is built on an open communicating relationship.
  4. Create an agreement; no legal documents are needed, but writing down an understanding can help avoid problems down the road.

For me, a good partnership is more than just doing business together. It’s more about the knowledge that we share the risks and rewards. We will support each other to reach a common goal for “win-win” results.

Matrix has been fortunate to have so many great partners – whether it is our dealers or customers – over the years. On behalf of myself and the Matrix team, thank you for the opportunity to be our partners in our shared goals. Here’s wishing you all the best this holiday season and upcoming 2013.

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Matrix Offers ACE Workshop – Metabolic Training

Due to the overwhelming success of our last ACE Workshop held this past July, we’re proud to announce another available workshop being held in January 2013! The workshop will focus on Metabolic Training, one of the hottest workout styles today. The course will be held at our corporate facility in Cottage Grove, WI.

For more details and to register, click here.

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Holiday Greetings from ICG®

Message from our indoor cycling partner, The Indoorcycling Group –

ICG® sends our thanks to those throughout North America who believe in what we do, and have utilized that to make 2012 such a great year. Instructors, presenters, owners, and enthusiasts who use our products and education have been integral in our success. Your feedback is what keeps us innovating, continuously improving.

In 2012, ICG North America opened its showcase ICG Training Academy in San Francisco. New partner Affintech Inc. has proven itself the AV provider of choice for Myride®+. Affintech will work closely with us to develop the indoor-cycling studios of the future for our customers.

Next year is set to be our busiest ever. Our marketing reach is expanding with a new look, new website, new information, more interactive media, articles, and engagements. Happy Holidays! We look forward to working with you in 2013!

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Kranking, Hopping and Skipping Away Childhood Obesity

According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years. Because of this, programs that focus on children and obesity were ranked number 4 on the American College of Sports Medicine worldwide survey of the top 20 fitness trends for 2013.

Obesity can increase risk factors for cardiovascular disease, pre-diabetes, bone and joint problems, high blood pressure, low self esteem, as well as many other undesirable conditions. Healthy eating and physical activity can lower the risk of obesity, but how can parents encourage their kids to embrace a lifestyle of health and fitness?

Some parents are starting to turn to sports and after school programs to help their kids become more active. Kids just want to have fun, so creating activities that appeal to their short attention span and encourage play tend to be the most effective. The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix® is a great tool to promote this type of play. With the independent crank arms, children have the ability to enhance their fine motor skills and develop coordination in their upper body as well as get their heart pumping. Combining short periods of Kranking with running, hopping, skipping and jumping provides a well balanced activity to keep them engaged, excited and on the path to a longer, healthier life!

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Virtual Active Destination – Chicago

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including Chicago, our feature destination for May.

While traveling through Chicago during your run, you’ll notice thousands of tulips along Michigan Avenue, also known as ‘The Magnificent Mile’. These tulips typically bloom in late April, dependant in the Midwestern weather patterns. Further along on your run you will pass the historic Water Tower, which is the largest shopping district in Chicago with an impressive 3.1 million square feet of retail space. More than 22 million people visit this area annually. You will also pass through Millennium Park, known for its beautiful and interesting public art installations like the ‘Cloud Gate’. From there, you’ll travel along the Chicago River through the heart of downtown. In an impressive feat of engineering, the flow of the river was reversed for sanitation purposes in the early 1900’s. The river is famously dyed green each year in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. In 1992, the river broke into an underground freight tunnel network and flooding the lover levels of many buildings, costing the city an estimated $1.95 billion.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully-interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe, 3xe cardio products and Myride.

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Mark Your Calendar

NSCA | Jan 4-5 Nashville, TN
AFCA | Jan 6-8 Nashville, TN
ECA NY | Feb 7-10 New York, NY
FISA West | Feb 11-13 Palm Springs, CA
NAASH | Feb 28-Mar 1 Las Vegas, NV
NIRSA | Mar 4-7 Las Vegas, NV
BITAC Luxury | Mar 10-12 Dana Beach, CA
IHRSA | Mar 19-22 Las Vegas, NV
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