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Drum Roll to IHRSA 2012 | Top-down Levelers | Krank Fusion | Online Remedy Update
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IHRSA 2012 - Drum Roll Please...

Have you made plans to travel to Los Angeles next month for IHRSA 2012? It is hard to believe that we are only a couple of weeks away from the industry’s most heavily attended tradeshow each year. This is the first time that IHRSA is being held in the “City of Angels” at the downtown L.A. Convention Center right next to L.A. LIVE. From what we have been hearing from customers in North America and our subsidiaries across the globe, this is ramping up to be a very big show.

Matrix will be located in a prime front-row center position with a new trade show booth display to showcase our latest and greatest products. We are excited to announce the introduction of yet another lineup of innovative fitness products to be unveiled March 15-16. Be sure to visit Matrix booth 1301 to get the first glimpse of our new Versa strength line!

For those of you who were unable to see the launch of our Matrix ClimbMill™ this past fall, you will be able to experience it at IHRSA along with our redesigned Ascent Trainer® and new Suspension Elliptical.

So, if you have plans to be in L.A. next month, please stop by the Matrix booth to say hello. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Matrix Top-down Leveling System

Something as simple as adjusting and leveling an elliptical can leave a lasting impression on users and service techs. Ever gotten onto an elliptical only to discover it rocks back and forth like an unbalanced table at the local diner? A properly leveled product is a necessity in any facility to ensure a pleasant user experience. Stabilizing many of our competitors’ products requires tilting the machine, screwing in or out one of the 6 levelers, setting it back down, checking for rocking, and repeating until it rests securely flat on the floor. When lifting products that meet or exceed 300 lbs; this “simple task” can often become rather inconvenient and strenuous.

The new Matrix Ascent Trainers®, ellipticals, and ClimbMills™ have addressed this issue with the industry’s first top-down leveling system. Rather than having six levelers that can only be adjusted by tilting the unit on its side, we have reduced the number of adjustable levelers to just two. There is no more tilting required. Simply insert the allen key into adjustment mechanism and turn. Now, the equipment on your facility floor can quickly and easily be leveled for a better user experience.

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Krank Fusion - The Ultimate Full Body Experience

The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix can be easily integrated into indoor cycling classes using an equal number of bikes and Krankcycles with a programming method called Krank Fusion. Fusion provides a comprehensive, full body workout by enabling members to cross train; performing a segment of the class on the indoor cycle and a segment on the Krankcycle.

Benefits of integrating Fusion into your studio include a well-balanced group exercise option that improves members’ strength, incinerates calories, and also gives those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a group exercise class.

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Matrix Online Remedy Update

In an effort to provide customers and service techs a better experience, Matrix is happy to announce an update to the Online Remedy quick view exploded diagrams. Now with the update, when your cursor hovers over a part number, a picture of the part (if available) will display. For a larger image, simply click on the part number.

This update to Online Remedy will ensure even faster turnaround on any parts requests and help to eliminate incorrect part orders, reducing overall product downtime.

If you need any assistance with Online Remedy or need to get set up with a user name and password, please contact your corresponding territory or call us toll-free (866) 693-4863.

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Belt Surpasses Chain

LIVESTRONG® by Matrix indoor cycles continued to gain momentum with record-setting sales in 2011. To remain competitive in the group x market, we need to showcase the many innovative features our indoor cycles offer. One such feature is the belt drive train.

Bikes with belts offer many advantages over those with a chain drive. Belt-drives generally require less maintenance, don’t stretch, has fewer breakdowns, ultimately saving the facility time and money. Belt drives are also smoother and quieter for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Club managers – and aware instructors – will embrace these reasons to choose a belt. Here’s another: most members who try a belt-driven cycle notice only that it’s quiet and smooth. They don’t miss the chain. With good instruction, a belt can actually add to the class experience. Our manufacturing and education partner, Team ICG®, provides the education and exercises to convince even adamant chain-lovers that the belt is superior for every indoor-cycling program.

To learn more about the LIVESTRONG® by Matrix indoor cycles, click here.

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Virtual Active Destination - California Coast

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including the California Coast, our feature destination for this month.

Welcome to the California Coast, where we will explore Humboldt County. Located in along the northern coast of California, Humboldt County is a densely forested, mountainous county with several national, state and local parks. Over 1,000 square miles of land are now protected, including the largest remaining Old Growth Redwood Forest on earth. California's King Range is in Humboldt County and forms the Lost Coast. Three tectonic plates meet just offshore at the Mendocino Triple Junction, one of the most seismically active regions in California.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe, 7x, and 3xe cardio products and Myride

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Mark Your Calendar

NAA Student Housing | Feb 29 - Mar 2 Las Vegas, NV
ECA/OBOW NYC | Mar 8 - 11 New York, NY
IHRSA | Mar 14 - 17 Los Angeles, CA
NIRSA | Mar 27 - 30 Tampa, FL
NAYDO | April 25 - 28 Pittsburgh, PA
JCC National Conference | May 6 - 9 New Orleans, LA
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