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Continued Growth This New Year | ClimbMill™ - Sweat Management | Krank Circuit
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Continued Growth This New Year

With the new year upon us, we can officially file another year away in the books and memory banks. Is it just me, or did 2011 fly by like a fighter jet post-national anthem at a football game? It was certainly a fun and exciting year, and as most fun things go – it went by so fast.

Matrix introduced several new products in 2011, most notably the new Matrix ClimbMill™, redesigned Ascent Trainer®, and elliptical. Our sales team was expanded by adding industry veterans like Andy Richters, Mary Dixon, and Marc Loomer. This ultimately led to our best year ever in sales volume with a growth of over 39% globally. The view from our customer’s side looks good, too. According to industry reports, club memberships and facility revenues are on the rise and are forecasted for continued growth.

After such a long stretch of economic difficulty within the industry, results like these are certainly music to our ears. Our industry continues to grow, and with it, our chance to continue helping change peoples’ lives to become healthier, more active, and ultimately more fulfilling. This is what we do….and I love it.

2012 brings even more promise for excitement and significance. Have you considered plans to benefit from the growth? Will you be taking measures to improve your business in 2012? Whether refreshing, expanding, or adding new facilities, Matrix looks forward to the opportunity to join forces so that together we can continue making a difference.

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Matrix ClimbMill™ - Sweat Management

The new Matrix ClimbMill was designed to provide a great workout – and with any great workout you get perspiration. One of the biggest and most costly problems faced by many facility owners is premature corrosion and dirty floors caused by sweat. Our development team set out to solve this problem with the Sweat Management System (SMS). The SMS is made up of four elements to help prevent premature corrosion and dirty floors caused by perspiration.

  1. Recessed channels run along the side of the steps to capture sweat and direct it down to the base of the ClimbMill.
  2. After being directed away from the machine, the perspiration is guided into a removable tray underneath the machine.
  3. The ClimbMill can be easily cleaned by simply removing the tray to wipe off the sweat and other debris.
  4. Main electronics are positioned in a separate compartment away from main drive components, essentially “shielding” them from sweat and other debris to prolong the life of the machine.

The Sweat Management System on the ClimbMill was specifically designed to prevent premature corrosion and prolong the life of the machine, attributing to the lowest total cost of ownership. To learn about the new ClimbMill and its many creative solutions to real world problems, click here.

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Krank Circuit

Boot camps and circuit classes continue to grow in popularity throughout many commercial fitness facilities. Participants are drawn to these types of training formats because they provide total-body strength and cardiovascular benefits, all in one efficient workout. The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix can infuse new life into traditional circuit training formats with Krank Circuit, one of the many ways the Krankcycle can be integrated into your facility.

When added to a circuit, the Krankcycle is the perfect complement to other lower body-based activities. It can be used as a strength or cardio station. Alternating upper and lower body stations allows you to refresh your circuit format by enabling users to perform cardio with their upper body and push their legs further in squats, presses, or lunges. Krank Circuit can be offered to a wide range of users, whether they are obese, sedentary, athletes, active-aging, or current fitness enthusiasts. Be creative – discover the many ways the Krankcycle can be integrated into your facility.

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Spotlight Installation - Missouri Baptist University

“The MBU Fitness Center is proving to be a place that is changing our campus’ culture so that healthy living is becoming a daily priority for our students, faculty and staff. The University’s partnership with Matrix has contributed greatly to such change, providing MBU the industry standard in terms of fitness equipment and technology.”

    - Dr. R. Alton Lacey, MBU President

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Indoor Cycling with Myride+: The Next Step in Group X

When it comes to cycling, the uncertainty of the road ahead is one of the things that makes each ride unique. That visual excitement has been missing from indoor cycling, until now. Myride+ creates a compelling indoor version of what it’s like to ride a bike. Imagine powering down an Arizona desert road at 30 mph, or cycling through Yellowstone National Park – as large as life on a projection screen.

Matrix and its partners, the Indoorcycling Group and Virtual Active, continue to lead this industry in innovation. Early 2012 will see technological leaps that propel cycling video forward with the introduction of Myride+:

  • Specialized video footage that simulates a rider's view of the road
  • Elimination of vibration experienced when cycling outdoors
  • High-def displays and big-screen projection
  • Top-quality video and audio from the best master instructors

For decades, Hollywood has created magic though expert filming and production. Now, Myride+ virtual cycling creates the same powerful experiences for Group X. To learn more about Myride and Myride+, click here.

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Virtual Active Destination - American Southwest

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including the American Southwest, our feature destination for this month.

Welcome to the American Southwest; home of the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and The Wave rock formation. The preceding image is a depiction of ‘The Wave.’ The Wave is particularly popular among German tourists due to its appearance in the German documentary 'Faszination Natur.' There is no public trail to The Wave, making it exceedingly difficult to find. These striking 'waves' of rock were etched into hardened sand dunes by rain and sandstorms over millions of years.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe, 7x, and 3xe cardio products and Myride

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Mark Your Calendar

SCW Mania Philadelphia | Feb 3 - 5 Philadelphia, PA
NAA Student Housing | Feb 29 - Mar 2 Las Vegas, NV
ECA/OBOW NYC | Mar 8 - 11 New York, NY
IHRSA | Mar 14 - 17 Los Angeles, CA
NIRSA | Mar 27 - 30 Los Tampa, FL
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