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Matrix: Beautiful

Strong. Smart. Beautiful - a few simple words full of potential. Each one distinguished by its own power and united by the fact that they don't come easy. Things worth achieving usually don't - things worth achieving shouldn't.

So it's curious that in the world of fitness there are so many people claiming to offer the easy way out. Workouts without sweat. Diets without denial. It's really results without reality.

At Matrix, we know better. We're in the business of getting people moving down another path: the one that begins at aspiration and leads to achievement. I touched on the Strong and Smart in the last two issues, so now this brings us to Beautiful. To get people in-shape, you first have to get them on the machine that starts by appealing to their visual sense with awe-inspiring design.

It began when Matrix pioneered the use of oversized, tubular construction with sophisticated angles and impressive automotive quality frame finishes in our strength equipment. We set the design standard for which others now strive. Changing industry standards didn't end with aesthetic distinction of the G3 strength products. We then covered even more details with G7, and raised the bar for user experience with the T7xe featuring Virtual Active™. Both of which were IDEA award winners.

Matrix is about providing you, our customers, with Beautiful products and solutions for your facility that will help to attract members, while the Strong and Smart will keep them there.

Matrix. Strong. Smart. Beautiful.

In Health,


Inclusive Fitness – Kranking®

Being inclusive means "including or covering all services, facilities, or items normally expected or required." When pairing that with fitness equipment, what is normally expected, or required? It would suffice to say the machine should be easy to use, should be beneficial and appeal to a wide range of users no matter their fitness level or physical limitation.

The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix is a perfect example of an inclusive piece of fitness equipment. By providing a tool that benefits all users - young, old, injured, people with disabilities, athletes, or anyone looking to improve their upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness - no one is excluded from experiencing the training benefits of Kranking. With the Krankcycle, people of all abilities can enjoy the camaraderie and motivation of exercising in a group fitness setting.

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Ultimate Deck™ System – Engineering
Long-lasting Performance

Matrix' dedication to our customers is absolute. For every product we develop and introduce, we must keep in mind our commitment to providing machines that have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. A perfect example of this commitment is evident in the development of the proprietary Ultimate Deck System (UDS), introduced in 2008 as part of the new line of Matrix treadmills.

During development of the UDS, our engineers looked at the things most important to both users and owners. Users seek a firm, but yielding surface to absorb the shock of each footfall. Owners want durability, a quality system for long-lasting performance. To meet each need, our development team began with an Ultimate™ Hard Wax reversible deck for a solid running surface, added variable-density rupture-proof elastomers for superior cushioning, and finished by securing the system to an extra-heavy gauge steel frame for maximum stability. Heavy-use testing provided further proof of the system's longevity, with tens of thousands of miles subjected to each unit.

The resulting Ultimate Deck System, now a feature on all Matrix treadmills, was built to provide facilities with over 25,000 miles of worry-free performance while offering users the best feel possible.

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Spotlight Installation – Balance Health Club Newcastle

The Wests Group invested $5.4 million into outfitting the former Hunter District Water Board building of Newcastle, Australia's Hunter Street to introduce a new Balance Health Club to the public. Since their first gym opening in 1966, The Wests Group serves over 7,000 members in four locations across the region: New Lambton, Mayfield, Nelson Bay, and Hunter Street.

The new 2,500 square meter Hunter Street Balance Health Club is three levels high and offers a fitness experience for the whole family - including specialized boxing, cycling, group fitness, personal training, and kids' activity zones - in the only air-conditioned gym in the city. Members enjoy a lounge with drinks and free WiFi, and gain access to the state-of-the-art facilities and personal lockers using electronic wristbands. Matrix cardio equipment spans two of the three levels, featuring LIVESTRONG® indoor cycling and Kranking® studios.

"The installation of Matrix equipment has assisted Balance City in obtaining the perfect marriage of contrasts, combining the old world charm of a heritage building with the aesthetically pleasing, modern design of quality Matrix Fitness equipment, allowing us to offer our members a state-of-the-art Virtual Active™ workout experience."

-Phil Matthews, Group Manager - Balance Health Clubs

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Virtual Active™ Feature Destination - Lake Tahoe

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including Lake Tahoe, our feature destination for this month.

Lake Tahoe is situated on the border of California and Nevada. The Tahoe basin was originally formed by geologic fault activity, and has since been shaped by scouring glaciers during ice ages over a million years ago. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest alpine lake in North America, at a depth of 1,645 feet. The Truckee River is Lake Tahoe's only outlet, flowing Northeast through the resort town of Reno, Nevada. Gambling is legal on the Nevada side of the lake, but much of Lake Tahoe's tourism can be attributed to its winter sports. Development of Lake Tahoe exploded in 1960, when the Winter Olympic Games were held at the Squaw Valley Resort.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe cardio products and Myride V3.

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Myride V3 - Studio Workouts

Myride V3 provides powerful on demand indoor cycling that's personalized, convenient, motivating and entertaining. With Myride studio workouts, one of the many programming options available on Myride V3, a master instructor leads the user through varied terrain while giving training guidelines that cover riding technique as well as recommended RPM, HR and Rate of Perceived Exertion intensity zones to keep the user motivated and on track to reach their goals.

Large and small facilities alike can benefit from integrating Myride V3 into their studio or on their gym floor. Inexperienced users, even those who have never before experienced indoor cycling, can follow simple set up instructions to get them started. With over a million different studio workout combinations, users will continue to be challenged while reaching their fitness goals. Integrate Myride V3 into your studio, and let your members experience the benefits of on demand indoor cycling.

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Mark Your Calendar

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