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Matrix: Smart

In my message to you last month, I began discussion about our tagline Strong. Smart. Beautiful. and what it means to us and our customers. I focused on what Strong is to Matrix. Now I'd like to examine Smart. How does Matrix demonstrate its intelligence? What makes Matrix Smart?

The dictionary defines Smart many different ways, including: clever, knowledgeable, fashionable, lively, and discriminating. At Matrix, our Smart is about interfaces that are more intuitive to use; low weight stacks that don't block sight lines; and incredible attention to detail on every product touch point for the best user experience possible. Our customer service strives to exceed expectations; we choose high-quality parts built to last longer (Ultimate Deck System™ for 25,000 miles maintenance-free performance); we stand behind our products with the best standard warranty available. It all adds up to providing you the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

That’s Matrix Smart – Providing innovative, intuitive products to help you reshape your facility and maximize your investment.

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Krank Fusion – The Ultimate Full Body Experience

The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix can be easily integrated into indoor cycling classes using an equal number of bikes and Krankcycles with a programming method called Krank Fusion. Fusion provides a comprehensive full body workout by enabling members to cross train; performing a segment of the class on the indoor cycle and a segment on the Krankycle.

Benefits of integrating Fusion into your studio include a well balanced group exercise option that improves member's strength, incinerates calories, and also gives users with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a group exercise class.

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Krankcycle® – Enabling All Abilities

Back in 2002, Johnny G (creator of SPINNING®) attended a cycling event for physically challenged athletes and had the opportunity to try a participant?s handmade hand-cycle. Two years later, a virus severely damaged his heart, stripping away Johnny's ability to ride a bike. It was during this time of fighting to heal his body that Johnny found inspiration in that hand-cycle and began the development of an all-inclusive exercise modality, the Krankcycle.

After partnering with us to develop a durable, inclusive product, Johnny and the development team at Matrix began several rounds of prototype testing to ensure the Krankcycle's design met the needs of both able-bodied and disabled user groups. The first two rounds of prototype testing involved visiting the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater wheelchair basketball team to test overall functionality; determining any changes necessary to meet the needs of both user groups.

Feedback from prototype testing led to several significant changes for better wheelchair accessibility, including: addition of the cantilevered seat for the option to engage the machine from its seat or wheelchair; rear wheel chocks for added wheelchair stability during use; and redesigned adjustment mechanisms for easier functionality.

Now, thanks to Johnny G and Matrix, the Krankcycle offers users of all abilities the opportunity to participate in a group exercise class for effective cardiovascular strengthening.

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Increase in Customer Tech Support Hours of Operation

As mentioned in the April newsletter, in an effort to provide our customers better service, the Matrix Customer Tech Support Department (CTS) has expanded its business hours! Phones are now open from 7am – 7pm (M-R) and 7am – 5pm (F) with knowledgeable tech reps standing by ready to assist you.

Matrix CTS can be contacted by phone at 866-693-4863 or by email in your respective territory with any questions or concerns.

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Spotlight Showcase - Gold's Gym Fullerton

Gold's Gym in Fullerton, CA recently unveiled their new 35,000 sq ft. facility in January of this year, packed with over 130 new Matrix products. A complete lineup of 7xe series cardio equipment, and a full complement of LIVESTRONG® by Matrix Indoor Cycles for the Group X studio highlight the beautiful full-service health club.

"Matrix Fitness is a critical component and valued partner of our Gold's Gym business model. The cutting-edge design and programming assure our members an exciting experience every time they work out on Matrix cardio products, whether they be seasoned athletes or members new to training. We wouldn't think of opening any of our Gold's Gyms without Matrix Fitness products."

-Angel Banos,
President/CEO, Gym Management Services

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Virtual Active™ Feature Destination - Acadia

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including Acadia National Park, our feature destination for this month.

Acadia National Park is located along the Atlantic Coast of Maine. Boasting more than 120 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, Acadia provides access to historic lighthouses and several formally impassable mountains. Because of their height and positioning on the east coast, the mountaintops in Acadia offer the first views of the sunrise in the United States.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe cardio products and Myride.

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Myride V3 - Taking the Ride Inside

Indoor cycling classes continue to be one of the most popular forms of group fitness; but not everyone has a group fitness studio or classes that meet their members' busy schedules. With Myride V3, personalized on-demand indoor cycling is a possibility in your facility.

Myride V3 provides users a powerful and personalized experience that's convenient, motivating, and entertaining through an assortment of key features. Users can build their own workout with over a million variations or choose from thousands of preset challenges to meet the needs of every fitness and sporting level. Other options include watching live TV or listening to their favorite music while riding through a favorite Virtual Active™ destination.

Incorporating Myride V3 into your studio can help strengthen your facility's retention and maximize existing space and indoor cycle use by appealing to a wider audience of clientele, while also allowing freedom of schedules.

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Mark Your Calendar

Choice Hotels International | May 19-20 Boston, MA
AAHOA | June 15-18 Las Vegas, NV
NAA Convention | June 23-25 Las Vegas, NV
Gold’s Gym | July 17-21 Las Vegas, NV
AYP Dallas | July 20-22 Dallas, TX
SCW Mania Atlanta | July 29-31 Atlanta, GA
IDEA | August 11-14 Los Angeles, CA
CanFitPro | August 17-21 Toronto, CAN
SCW Mania Dallas | August 26-28 Dallas, TX
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