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Believe in Better with Matrix

With the recent introduction of several exciting new products like our Matrix ClimbMill™, Ascent Trainer®, and Suspension Elliptical; you may have noticed a new slogan used in our advertisements. As seen in the French gate front cover of CBI Magazine, full-page ad in Club Industry, or in our refreshed catalog and website; Believe in Better.

At Matrix, we believe in better. We believe in creating solutions to the real-world problems in your facility. We believe in approachable design and innovation. And it is this drive to innovate that inspires us to creatively solve the problems that others may ignore.

Matrix equipment is different, and we believe – better. We listened to you – the facility owners, operators, personal trainers, and other fitness staff. We listened to your service techs and watched your customers work out. In true Matrix fashion, we delivered this new line of machines that, quite frankly, outperform the rest. Take a look at the next article (Ascent Trainer – Improving on the Best) as an example of the many problems we solved in an innovative, beautiful way.

For other examples of innovation, visit and see all of the exciting new products and features that will have you believing in better.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,


New Ascent Trainer® - Improving on the Best

Matrix first introduced the original Ascent Trainer® in 2006 to as “A Whole New Way to Move.” We redefined the training experience with the smoothest, most dynamic total-body trainer in the industry. Since introduction, we continued to ask ourselves “How can we make it better?” What can we do to make the new Ascent Trainer an even better experience for the owner/operator, the user, and service techs?

When designing the new Ascent, we added several innovative features while being careful to keep the fluid and dynamic feel of the original that appealed to so many users. First, we designed tapered dual-action hand grips for a more comfortable workout, instead of the straight dipped bars on the previous model. The step on height was lowered to 9.5” for easier accessibility. Pedal spacing was reduced for more natural ergonomics. The stationary handlebars were modified to fit the user’s grip more comfortably while providing integrated controls to more key functions.

For the service techs, the new Ascent Trainer was designed to fit through the standard 30” wide door. This provides freedom to move the machine without disassembly. All new Ascent Trainers feature an easy-to-remove disk for access to internal components without the need to remove unnecessary parts. Previous Ascent Trainer models featured six standard levelers; the new Ascent has only two levelers that can be adjusted without the need to tilt the machine.

All Ascent Trainer models are self-powered, providing owners/operators cost-savings and freedom of placement. The new compact design takes up less space on the floor.

Believe in Better. We developed the new Ascent Trainer to have you do just that. It’s designed to outperform the competition, and to help build your business, transform how you train your clients, and to keep an eye on your bottom line.

To learn more about the new Matrix Ascent Trainer, click here.

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Kranking® - SHUNT Training

A form of circuit training popularized in the 1960's was specifically designed to keep the blood circulating throughout the body during an entire workout. This method was called Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Training. It is similar to a regular circuit training method in that it keeps your client moving between exercises with minimal to no rest in between. However, with PHA Training you focus entirely on alternating upper and lower-body exercises

It involves working a set of upper body muscles, followed immediately by working a set of lower body muscles, back to upper body, etc. This really gets the heart working hard, as your body has to shunt blood to the working muscles of the upper limbs and back to the lower limbs, creating a cardiovascular training effect. Later, this form of training became known as Vascular-Shunt Training.

The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix coupled with any lower body exercise will create a greater shunt effect than ever before because of how quickly and completely Kranking moves blood into the upper body muscles. The LIVESTRONG® by Matrix Indoor Cycle and Krankcycle used together in short interval, high intensity formats like Krank Fusion could quite possibly produce the greatest shunt effect of all for an engaging, extremely effective workout.

To learn more about the Krankcycle and its benefits, click here.

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Spotlight Installation - Studio Zorneding

Studio Zorneding
Located in Zorneding, Germany
Matrix Cardio and G3 Series Strength

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Virtual Active™ Destination - German Forest

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including Rennsteig of the German Forest, our feature destination for this month.

This stage follows part of the Rennsteig, a popular trail in central Germany. The Rennsteig is actually the oldest long-distance walking route in Germany, which served as a route for merchants and messengers as far back as 1330 AD. The 168.3km trail follows a ridge between the Thuringian Highland and the Franconian Forest. Interestingly enough, the Rennsteig runs along a provincial border and represents a linguistic boundary: it separates the East Franconian dialects from the Thuringian dialects.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe, 7x, and 3xe cardio products and Myride

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Matrix and ICG Education - Targeting Triathletes

A triathlon is a swim-bike-run event. Our partner and education provider, the Indoorcycling Group (ICG) has developed innovative indoor training for triathlons called Dri-Tri. The time-efficient Dri-Tri program allows all elements of a triathlon to be done in clubs with Matrix equipment: LIVESTRONG® by Matrix indoor cycles, MyRide, Matrix treadmills; and the Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix.

With the growing popularity of triathlons, more athletes seek a quick triathlon format during the workweek. LIVESTRONG by Matrix bikes offer the fullest range of hand positions to suit any terrain and ride position, while MyRide and T7xe treadmill provides programmable self-training with inspiring visuals. The Krankcycle provides ultimate upper body cardio to maintain swim performance.

The ICG website offers free continuing education on triathlon training (0.4 ACE CECs), delivering a Dri-Tri session, and more. To learn more, go to, click on ICG Instructor, and follow to Dri-Tri link.

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