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What is Success?

At a recent event, I was having a conversation with a senior officer of a large club chain, and he complimented me by expressing what a fantastic success he feels Matrix has become in our industry. I graciously thanked him for his comment – and began to think a bit more about what we all perceive as “success.”

In today’s ultra-competitive society, we hear the term “success” used frequently and with various connotations. We enjoy success stories because they can be inspiring and motivate others to push themselves harder to achieve their goals or dreams. A few popular TV shows today are right in the wheelhouse of what we strive to do in our health and fitness industry: The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

So, when my colleague made reference to our success at Matrix, I came to the conclusion that it was based on our exceptional growth through an increased breadth of innovative products and market share. This leads me to ask you: What does success mean to you and your company? What defines success in our industry? Is it measured by the number of facilities you own or operate? Or number of members? Maybe attracting those who are new to fitness or creating new ways to engage different demographics?

Each of these can be factors in determining success. But maybe we’re selling ourselves short, not seeing “the forest for the trees,” as they say. Maybe success in our industry can be defined as the amount of positive influence gained by providing people with the means for a better quality of life through improved health and fitness.

That’s what I choose to believe and embrace. If we all do our parts collectively and improve people’s lives, I would call that a success.

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Spotlight Installation – HealthCity Champs Elysées

HealthCity Champs Elysées
Located in Paris, France
Matrix Full Cardio, G7 Strength, G3 Strength

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Defining Virtual Indoor Cycling

What Is Virtual Indoor Cycling?

When it comes to indoor cycling, the term virtual is often applied to computer simulations that mimic real-world locations. Forward motion is often applied by competitors by using road footage that moves by at bicycling speed.

Some products provide virtual forward motion that is animated, much like a computer-generated cartoon. They are not programmable, and every ride is the same. Other companies produce forward-motion DVDs of real footage, which some call “virtual”. These DVDs are not programmable – and again - every ride is the same.

“Virtual cycling” may also describe a video instructor on a bike, leading the class, with no animation, no forward motion. Some competitors offer this for single bikes, others for groups – with limited or no programmability.

Matrix, with its indoor cycling partner ICG®, is the only provider that offers virtual-cycling programming with actual forward-motion road and trail footage, as well as instructors on bikes, for both group (Myride®+) and single-bike (Myride v3) experiences. The Myride line is fully programmable, offering thousands of class combinations from the most extensive video library in the industry.

Myride+ is taking off all over. Don’t get left behind! If you’re not yet up to speed on what Myride+ has to offer, visit our user-friendly website for more information: For those looking for the personalized Myride experience, click here.

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Krank Express – Small Group Training

Kranking® Express is one of the five ways you can implement the Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix into your facility. Express is done in a small group setting by utilizing Krankcycles on the main cardio floor – making it an extremely accessible and fun, effective way to train in just 20 minutes.

Express doesn’t need a studio and can be completed with or without music. With just a few Krankcycles on the floor, you can challenge your members while increasing your bottom line. Using the Krank Express format, Body Business in Austin, TX generated an additional $20,000 in revenue over a six-month period!

During each 20-minute Kranking Express session, the upper body goes through thousands of repetitions, translating into improved strength, definition, and weight loss. Many have commented about improved upper body definition without the need for lifting traditional weights.

The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix is so versatile it can help to retain existing members and attract new clients while increasing the overall profitability of any personal training program.

To learn more about the many different ways to integrate Kranking into your facility, click here.

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Spotlight Installation – FitX

Located in Münster, Germany
Matrix Cardio, G7 Strength, G3 Strength

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