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Reshaping the Fitness Industry: Matrix & Partners

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” You often hear this phrase about championship sports teams, or in the business world emphasizing the importance of teamwork. It is with this in mind that Matrix continues to grow as one of the world’s premier commercial brands.

At Matrix, we embrace teamwork in a unique and compelling way that allows us to deliver solutions that no one else can. By forging exclusive partnerships with leading innovators in technology, product and brand – both from within the fitness industry and beyond – we have truly transformed Matrix into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We’re proud to count LIVESTRONG®, Johnny G, Virtual Active, and Indoorcycling Group, among our valued partners.

Combining these partners with our talented development team has allowed us to show significant gains in the market, confirming that “the whole” certainly is greater than the sum of its parts. In just the last three years alone, we’ve introduced more innovative and unique concepts to the industry than any other brand. We look forward to continuing to reshape the fitness industry, one innovation at a time.

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Krank Fusion - The Ultimate Full Body Experience

The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix can be easily integrated into indoor cycling classes using an equal number of bikes and Krankcycles with a programming method called Krank Fusion. Fusion provides a comprehensive, full body workout by enabling members to cross train; performing a segment of the class on the indoor cycle and a segment on the Krankcycle.

Benefits of integrating Fusion into your studio include a well balanced group exercise option that improves members’ strength, incinerates calories, and also gives those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a group exercise class.

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Ultimate Deck™ System - Long-lasting Performance

Matrix's dedication to our customers is absolute. For every product we develop and introduce, we must keep in mind our commitment to providing machines that have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. A perfect example of this commitment is evident in the development of the proprietary Ultimate Deck System (UDS), introduced in 2008 as part of the new line of Matrix treadmills.

During development of the UDS, our engineers looked at the things most important to both users and owners. Users seek a firm, but yielding surface to absorb the shock of each footfall. Owners want durability, a quality system for long-lasting performance. To meet each need, our development team began with an Ultimate Hard Wax reversible deck for a solid running surface, added variable-density, rupture-proof elastomers for superior cushioning, and finished by securing the system to an extra-heavy gauge steel frame for maximum stability. Heavy-use testing provided further proof of the system's longevity, as each unit withstood tens of thousands of miles.

The resulting Ultimate Deck System, now a feature on all Matrix treadmills, was built to provide facilities with over 25,000 miles of worry-free performance while offering users the best feel possible.

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Spotlight Installation - Seasons Fitness

Seasons Fitness, located in Central Hong Kong, offers a full range of fitness services and a state of the art facility. Their 30,000 square foot center recently went through a substantial renovation project, including the installation of several pieces of Matrix cardio, G7 strength, and LIVESTRONG® by Matrix indoor cycles.

Seasons Fitness boasts a warm, relaxing resort style environment and a friendly, professionally trained staff to help members reach their fitness goals. Other amenities include: 20-metre indoor heated pool, saunas, steam rooms, and eight room day spas.

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Virtual Active™ Destination - Swiss Alps

Where would you like to go today? With Virtual Active™ by Matrix, users have the chance to escape to exotic locales, including the majestic Swiss Alps, our feature destination for this month.

The Alps are actually quite young at only two million years old, with ice-age glaciations having carved deep valleys in the young rock. The Virtual Active run through the Swiss Alps follows the Riffelseeweg Trail, an area often used as grazing land for the native Valais Blacknose sheep, a coarse-wooled breed primarily raised for meat. Also along the Riffelseeweg Trail is one of the most famous peaks of the Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn. Interestingly, this peak was originally part of the African plate which led some geologists to joke that it is an African mountain. The Matterhorn’s two peaks, separated by 300 feet, are directly on the border of Switzerland and Italy.

Virtual Active by Matrix is fully interactive video programming compatible with all existing 7xe cardio products and Myride V3.

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Indoor cycling programs have been popular with a variety of fitness enthusiasts for more than 15 years, continually growing in popularity. Yet there is still a collection of users who find standard indoor cycling too intimidating, or they may have physical limitations that prevent them from joining a high intensity class. We are proud to offer Cyclewell as a solution to invite intimidated, limited or disabled users into an indoor cycling class.

Cyclewell, a handlebar adapter for the LIVESTRONG® by Matrix E and S Series indoor cycles, allows the user to sit in an upright, neutral position. When paired with a wide saddle, users can enjoy an indoor cycling class in a more comfortable position with less stress on the spine and easier breathing.

With the Cyclewell system, facilities can offer a low intensity cycling class that appeals to several groups of users, including: active aging, pregnant women, and those with limited back/hip mobility. Cyclewell can open up your current indoor cycling program to a whole new collection of users.

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Mark Your Calendar

Club Industry | October 12-14 Chicago, IL
SCW Mania Midwest | October 14-16 Rosemont, IL
IHG | October 24-26 Las Vegas, NV
Best Western | October 30 - November 2 Kissimmee, FL
SCW Mania Boston | November 11-13 Boston, MA
Athletic Business | December 1-3 Orlando, FL
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